Invitation to the UN-Habitat network “Urban indigenous issues”

UN-Habitat Housing and Slum Upgrading Branch, Housing Unit ( ) works at the global level with issues related to indigenous peoples’ housing, indigenous peoples’ migration to urban areas and indigenous building knowledge. UN-Habitat is currently establishing a global network with professionals and universities engaging in field projects/research related to indigenous peoples in order to look for entry points for collaboration. We are encouraging universities, partners and professionals working with indigenous peoples’ issues to have an active contact with each other and share ideas, project information, research findings and news related to indigenous peoples’ housing conditions, urbanization and indigenous building methods. For this purpose we have created a LinkedIn group “ Urban Indigenous Issues ”. We would like to encourage you to join the discussion group at the following link: .

To join LinkedIn please visit .

The “ Urban Indigenous Issues ”network is part of the Global Housing Strategy Network (GHS). If you have not done this already, you are invited to register in the Urban Gateway and join the Global Housing Strategy on the following link:

For more information about the Global Housing Strategy please read the framework document:





We would appreciate your reflections on how you would like to engage with this network and the GHS in general. Could you please send us information about your university’s curriculum related to indigenous people’s studies/research, contact details for relevant staff and ideas for possible co-operation? Let’s have many interesting discussions in the “ Urban Indigenous Issues ” network in LinkedIn!

Yours sincerely,

UN-Habitat, Housing Unit

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