How are licences combined in BC's commercial fishing fleet?

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Each cell represents an opportunity for two licences to be assigned to the same boat: one indicated on the vertical axis and one on the horizontal. Cell coloring is based on the percentage of potential combinations that have actually occurred; the darker the cell, the more those two licences have been stacked together.

Percentages are calculated as the number of overlaps between two licences divided by the lower number of licences issued.

For example, in 2013 DFO issued 18 licences for the euphausiid fishery and 252 licences for roe herring by seine. These two licences were stacked together on 3 boats in the BC commercial fleet, so the percentage of stacking opportunities is 3 divided by 18, or 16.67%. In other words, of the 18 times euphausiid and roe herring by seine could have been stacked together, 16.67% of the time they were stacked together.


Data Sources:

DFO Licensed Fishing Vessel Directory - Pacific Region, collected December 4, 2012.
Based on Les Miserables by Mike Bostock.
Visualization by Andrea Robertson.