Constellations of BC Forestry

Licences and Owners

Tenure Holders
Timber Supply Areas (TSAs)

North Region
South Region
Central Region

Smallest AAC (0 m3)
Largest AAC (1.9 million m3)

Licence Dot Size

All licence dots are the same size, showing connections better.

Licence dot sizes reflect annual harvest volumes.

This chart shows the clusters of ownership in British Columbia’s forestry tenures. Each dot represents a tenure, tenure owner, or timber supply area (TSA). Lines between dots indicate business relationships. Links between TSAs and tenures show tenure locations. Links between tenures and tenure owners indicate who owns the tenure in question.

This chart is interactive!

Change dot colours and sizes using the buttons at left to explore the data. Hover your mouse over dots for more details about licences and owners. Drag and drop to (try to) detangle the links!

Tenure Types
  • FLNR - Forest Licences Non-Replaceable
  • FLNRFN - Forest Licences Non-Replaceable - First Nations
  • FLREP - Forest Licences Replaceable
  • FLTC - Forestry Licence to Cut
  • FNWL - First Nations Woodland Licence
  • TFL - Tree Farm Licence
  • TSA - Timber Supply Area
  • TSFLNR - BCTS Forest Licence Non-Replaceable
  • TSLPA - Pulpwood Agreement Timber Supply Licence

Data Source: BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations
Visualization by Andrea Robertson.