Proposed BC Pipelines

BC's relationship with the oil and gas industry has long been a contentious one.

Current proposals for expanded pipeline networks are seeing massive pushback from BC's First Nations and other residents.

The two maps below show the communities that will be most heavily impacted if these proposals should go through.

Proposed Pipeline Projects in British Columbia

The map below shows the pipelines' paths through BC's interior and coastline, with land shaded to indicate First Nations' traditional territories.

proposed oil and LNG pipelines in British Columbia

Carrier Sekani Tribal Council & Natural Gas Projects in Northern BC

This map, produced in partnership with the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council, focuses on the CSTC's traditional lands and the broader Skeena River watershed.

proposed oil and LNG pipelines in the traditional territory of the Carrier Sekani

Maps by Eliana Macdonald.